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How To Save Money on Video Games

I might be in my mid-thirties but I have to admit a deep passion for video games.

That said, it can be far from a cheap hobby to indulge in, with new video games and consoles costing quite a sizble sum of money.

Over the years, however, I’ve uncovered a number of ways to enjoy my gaming without it costing the earth. In this article I’d like to tell you how you too can save money on video games, whether you’re buying them for yourself or as a gift for someone else.

Go Old-School

I know its cool and fashionable to buy the very latest games console as soon as its released, but many “second-generation” consoles still offer an excellent gaming experience. Even better, the games tend to be considerably cheaper than the newest model. I myself am still using an Xbox 360 and deriving a huge amount of pleasure from it.

There’s more, however. It’s not just new consoles that cost the earth; newly released games also tend to cost more than older titles.

I’ve found that by considering video games that were released in the last few years you can often land a fantastic game for next to nothing. Many “classic” titles on the Xbox, for example, cost me £15 or less. For a game that will keep me entertained for months that’s quite a bargain.

Join Your Library

Gone are the days where libraries were filled solely with crusty old books. Thanks to government investment many modern British libraries are now hubs of information; not just books but DVDs, music and – yes – video games.

Another great way to save money on games is therefore to take a trip to your local library to see if they have a video games section. If so, sign up as a member (for free) and prepare to save a boatload on your gaming!

In the same manner, renting a game before you consider buying it can also be a smart idea. In doing so, you’ll know in advance that you enjoy a certain game before you stump up the price of buying it outright.

Check out Car Boot Sales & Charity Shops

While you won’t find the very latest titles at most car boot sales and charity shops, you can often pick up older games for next to nothing. Its not unusual for me to grab a new Xbox game for just a pound or two at my local car boot sale; quite a saving on what it would have cost me brand new.

Buy Second Hand

Possibly the most exciting tip for saving money on video games is to make use of online marketplaces which allow you to buy and sell video games in a safe environment. A surprising number of well-known and trusted brands offer second-hand games if only you know where to look.

By using their websites – rather than visiting an individual store – you’ll have access to the widest range of options available, and can carefully compare prices to make sure you’re getting the best deal.

Here are my go-to places for buying second-hand video games online…

One of my favourite tips for buying everything from books to DVDs to video games more cheaply is to look for second-hand versions on Amazon.

It’s really simple to do.

Just find the game of your choice, then below the “buy button” click on the “Other buying options” link.

Here you’ll be given a long list of businesses selling second-hand copies, together with the price and their Amazon reputation score. I often find it possible to save 50% or more on what a game would have cost me brand new by doing this.

If there is a weakness to shopping at Amazon its that you’ll need to have some idea of what game you’re interested in first, before you look at the range of deals available.

Fortunately there are a number of other sites which list just second hand video games. In this way you can simply select the games console you own and then just browse through the various options available.

Music Magpie

Music Magpie buys and sells everything from DVDs to CDs and – yes – video games. If you’ve ever tried to sell titles through them you’ll know the prices they offer are pretty poor – but this can be a benefit for anyone looking to buy from them.

There are hundreds of titles available here, with free delivery on all titles. Learn more at


Cex is becoming an ever-more visible brand on the high street, focusing on buying and selling electronics. Such coverage means they offer a huge range of competitively-priced second hand video games, each coming with a 24 month warranty for peace of mind.

Learn more at


Possibly the best-known of all the UK’s video games retailers, GAME offers a huge range of games at literally ridiculous prices (just a couple of pounds each for many titles).

With free delivery as standard, even just spending a tenner here can yield a handful of different games to keep you out of trouble for months to come!

Learn more at

So those are my tips for saving money on video games, but what about yours? Please leave your tips and advice in the comments section below…

Saving money on video games doesn't need to be difficult. This article outlines all sorts of places to save money - including links to specific money-saving resources.


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