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How to Save Money on Gift Cards

Save money by getting free gift cards in exchange for small tasks. This article reveals 20+ companies willing to give you free or discounted gift cards - click here to learn more now!When you’ve finished reading this article you’ll never again pay full price for gift cards.

Why? The answer is that it’s so simple to save money on gift cards that when you know what you’re doing you’d have to be mad to ever pay full price again.

As it turns out, there are loads of ways to get your hands on cheap or even free gift cards as birthday and Christmas gifts. There are even a wealth of money-saving opportunities for non-US readers.

Lets get started…

Earn Free Gift Cards on Everyday Purchases

You might not know it, but you can earn money back on your normal day-to-day shopping. Everything from car insurance to utilities, vacations to grocery shopping can all earn you money back – money that you can receive in the form of free gift cards.

All you need to do is log into your account, and click the special link they give you before shopping. Besides this, everything remains exactly the same.

There are a load of companies that offer cashback, but the key is to stick to the biggest companies out there. The reason is simple enough; the bigger companies have more offers, which translates into more cash back for you.

Sign up for free with these companies and never spend money again before checking whether you can get a percentage of your bill back again:

Earn Free Gift Cards By Completing Simple Tasks

If you can watch TV, play a game or answer simple polls then you can receive free gift cards. The best-known company in the field is called Swagbucks, and accepts members from every corner of the globe.

Simply log into your account whenever you have a little time, and complete as many of the little tasks as you fancy. You’ll earn points back for each task, which you can then exchange for free gift cards from Amazon at a later date.

In order to earn as many gift cards as possible try signing up for the following free services, and start saving money today!

Earn Free Gift Cards for Completing Surveys

Filling in online surveys is one of the most enjoyable ways of earning free gift cards. You’ll be sent a range of opportunities on which to give your personal opinion. For each completed survey you earn points.

While there are literally hundreds of survey sites out there you do need to careful that you’re signing up with a reputable firm. As with cashback sites, the bigger and better-known firms tend to offer a wider variety of surveys, so you can earn your gift cards more quickly.

Some of the best options for earning gift cards are:

Earn Free Gift Cards as a Mystery Shopper

If you love a bit of retail therapy then why not get paid for it? Both Field Agent (US) and iSecretShop (International) provide opportunities to visit a store, take photos and write about your experience.

You’ll earn points for each completed assignment, and receive your earnings in the form of free gift cards.

Earn Free Gift cards by Recording Your Receipts

Big companies love to understand our shopping habits better, and they’re willing to pay for the privilege. Receipt Hog (International) and PunchCard (US) have apps.

Simply take a picture of your shopping receipts, upload them via the app and start earning free gift cards in exchange.

Earn Free Gift Cards for Recycling

While this opportunity is only available to American readers, you might be surprised to hear that you can earn cash just for helping the planet. Recyclebank promises to let you “do something good for the environment and get Recyclebank Points that you can redeem for thousands of goodies.”

Buy Gift Cards for Less

Don’t just think that saving money on gift cards has to come in the form of earning free gift cards. If we’re honest, not only do you need to have plenty of free time to earn free gift cards, but if you’re looking for a cheap gift card for a retailer that isn’t Amazon then you might struggle with the above opportunities.

However there is one final way to save money on gift cards – simply by purchasing them for cheaper than their face value. How? The fact is that many people who receive gift cards as a gift would actually rather have the cash – even if they end up with less cash than the card is actually worth.

In response to this, a number of “gift card marketplaces” have sprung up. Here you can buy (for example) a $20 voucher for iTunes for just $15 in cash.

The gift cards on offer vary day-by-day, depending on what cards their members are looking to sell. The best bet is to sign up for a free account with each, and then monitor the cards that become available before snatching up the bargains.

Here are the bigger gift card exchanges that you should check out:


As you can see, there are dozens of ways to save money on gift cards.

Simply sign up for the services above that appeal to you and never pay full price for a gift card ever again!

Save money on gift cards with these proven tips and resources. You'll find all sorts of money saving tools, that will let you earn discounted or free gift cards easily. Start saving now!


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