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How to Start a Blog: Making Money With Adsense

Welcome to lesson #13 of the course.

Today we’re going to do something pretty exciting; we’re going to start talking about how to actually make money from all your efforts so far.

Adsense is one of my absolute favorite ways to make money from my blogs.

Why? The simple reason is that it’s virtually automatic. No matter what I write about I can arrange for adverts to appear on each article. With thousands of visitors arriving from Pinterest, Twitter and the search engines you’ll find a number of people click the adverts, and when they do you’ll make money.

And while there are competing networks out there, you’ll almost always earn more with Google Adsense than the alternatives. These days just one of my blogs regularly hits £600 a month (~$800), and that’s just one of my five blogs! Towards the end of each month Google deposits this money automatically into my account, and it’s always a great feeling!

Now over the years Google Adsense has got itself a bit of a bad name among bloggers. The reason is quite simple: most bloggers who try to make money with Adsense make little more than pocket-change.

However there’s a reason for this. They do two things wrong…

1) They don’t get much traffic

The tactics we’ve discussed about promoting your blog really are the best there are. Sure, there are a number of other strategies you can apply, but combining regular content creation with proper SEO, Pinterest, Twitter and email marketing you’ll be rocketing ahead.

Many of the bloggers who complain about Adsense are simply not getting enough visitors. A few dozen readers a day really isn’t going to make much of a difference to your bottom line. But when you apply the techniques we’ve discussed you’ll very quickly start driving hundreds, even thousands of visitors to your site.

At the time of producing this course the exact techniques we’ve discussed drive over 5,000 visitors to day to my blogs – and that means a lot of people clicking on adverts.

2) They don’t understand split testing

Even more importantly is the fact that making money with Adsense involves lots and lots of testing.

It isn’t enough to just slap up an advert or two and assume your job is done.

Even worse, from doing my own testing it seems that most of the “standard” advice about the best colors of adverts, the best sizes and where to put the are pretty much all wrong. So you can’t follow the guidance generally given online if you want to do well with Adsense.

Instead, you have to test your way to success.


Luckily, testing is surprisingly easy to do, when you use my new secret weapon.

What is my secret? It’s a WordPress plugin called AmpedSense which allows you to test out every variation you could imagine on your blog. Different sizes, shapes, colors, fonts you name it. You set up an experiment and the tool tests and tracks the results of each version.

When you find a winner this becomes your new “control” and you start testing the next element.

Week by week, experiment after experiment, you’ll be able to watch the number of clicks that you get rising – and with it your income.

So don’t listen to the naysayers. Adsense can be your very best friend.

If you’ve already got an Adsense account then grab a subscription to my favorite plugin and get testing – I expect you’ll find like I did that the low-cost plugin pays for itself within weeks.

Make money online with Adsense using this simple, no-nonsense guide. Tips from a blogger that has driven over 3,800,000 hits to Google Adsense. Increase your income with these proven money-making strategies.


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