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Best UK Personal Finance Blogs You Should Follow

If you’re like me and love to read personal finance blogs then one thing rapidly becomes apparent; it’s dominated by US-based bloggers.

I’m not necessarily saying this is a bad thing. After all – some of my favorite blogs are written by American bloggers and I’d be sad to see them go.

But being based in Britain, I recently got thinking about UK personal finance blogs. I knew about (and subscribed) to a few – but surely there had to be plenty of other crazy blogging folks like me scattered around this “green and pleasant land”?

So I went in search of gold. And over the last few weeks I’ve been making full use of Google and Technorati to seek out the best UK personal finance blogs I could find.

Not surprisingly I found some absolute gems out there! Now whether you’re looking specifically for UK-based frugality and early retirement advice – or whether you’re just looking more generally for a few new blogs to read – I can tell you that I’ve stumbled across some remarkable blogs recently.

And today I want to “spread the word” about them – in the hope that I can connect some of these fantastic, hard-working bloggers with a whole new audience of readers. Because, let’s be honest, doesn’t everyone benefit from the arrangement?

So, with that said, let’s take a look at the top UK personal finance blogs I’ve found. Prepare to be impressed…

A Thrifty Mrs

Covering everything from thrifty home decor, renovation tips, fashion and gifts, Uk blogger El provides a wealth of frugal-living advice for the budget-conscious individual. A post that really stood out out to me was What To Buy in Aldi (And What Not To Buy).

The Money Principle

This was the first UK personal finance blog I stumbled upon some months back and it’s been a firm favorite of mine ever since. While it may be a UK blog, the information it contains cross borders effortlessly, with Maria and the team putting out some brilliant posts on a regular basis such as 15 Ways To Make Money To Fill Your Fridge.

Frugal Queen

UK-blogger Jane and her husband Mike managed to pay off an impressive £45,000 of debt in just two years. And this is the story of how she lives a very comfortable life without it costing too much. I was particularly taken with her detailed meal breakdowns like this one, showing how to feed your family on the cheap (with a complete cost-breakdown of each meal).

The Diary Of A Frugal Family

Cass describes her blog as “a mish mash of family fun, money saving tips and foodie ideas with lots of cupcakes and smiley faces thrown in too” and I think that’s a great description. Loads of great content here – not least of which was the breathtaking Find The Beautiful in Every Day.

A Disease Called Debt

Hayley’s blog about her journey to pay off debt is one of my favorites; after all, I seem to mention at least one of her blog posts in every month’s roundup. Follow her for a full-on dose of honesty, motivation and advice on getting your spending under control, getting out of debt and enjoying life on a budget.

Finance Girl

This elegantly designed blog is the work of Julie Cheung from Manchester. She covers everything from frugal food to understanding Bitcoins but it’s articles like Everything You Need To Know About New ISAs that makes this blog not just entertaining but also very educational for UK readers.


Surely I’ve written the name of this blog wrong? Nope, because we’re not talking “fire” like the hot flames – we’re talking FIRE as an acronym for Financial Independece, Retire Early.

But what a little firecracker this blog is, with some serious attitude and fascinating articles like How To Save Money On Alcohol With A French Booze Cruise (sorry friends, it’s a British right-of-passage 😉

Budget Breakaway

Graduates Fi and Jo are on a mission to get their finances in order so they can live the good life. Already debt free (impressive!), they share some very UK-centric finance advice, as well as book reviews and their ongoing challenges like this one.


I first discovered Graham’s blog when he wrote his acceptance post on the Yakezie blog and I’ve been a subscriber ever since. As a UK accountant, he brings quite a unique perspective to the whole UK personal finance bloggosphere. He posts less about frugality and more about finance on a wider scale such as his article entitled Your Commute Officially Makes You Miserable.

The Savvy Scot

This UK personal finance blog may have been recently sold by it’s original owner but it’s still awash with great-quality articles like this one on how to make the most of customer rewards. Just as good, it’s been taken over by the fantastic Pauline from Make Money Your Way so you can be sure there’s plenty more good stuff on the way.

So – who did I miss? I’m sure there are some fantastic personal finance blogs I either didn’t uncover or didn’t realize was written by a Brit.

Please leave your suggestions and recommendations in the comments section below so we can all benefit from your knowledge!

Looking for some help with your personal finances? Want to learn more about budgeting, paying off debt or saving money? Here are some of the best UK-based blogs to help you with just that.


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